My Lady Mage

My Lady Mage - Alexis Morgan An enjoyable and light read. Merewen is a young woman who suffers under the unjust and cruel rule of her uncle. She inherited her gift with horses from her father, but because women cannot inherit the lands went to her cruel uncle. To free her people from his tyrannical rule calls the warriors of the mist to fight for her cause. These five warriors fight for Merewen to free her people and to fight the growing darkness.

Merewen is a good person who takes her responsibilities serious. As the rightful owner of the keep she fights to protect her people from her tyrannical uncle. Captain Gideon is the leader of the warriors of the mist and seeks redemption from the mistakes he made.

The book is well written; the characters have depth and personalities, the plot is simple but still exciting and the romance is both believable and sweet.