(Lord of the Fading Lands) By Wilson, C. L. (Author) Paperback on (09 , 2010) - C. L. Wilson

This is the first of the five books in the Tairen Soul series. I absolutely loved this series and it has become one of my favorites.

The first book is mainly focused on Ellysetta and Rain getting to know each other and figuring their relationship out while introducing the reader to the world and its background. The other books however have equal amounts of exciting adventure, fantastical magic, complex background, romance and epic world building in them. As the first book was more about Ellysetta learning how to become a queen and being courted by a fey king while there is a growing evil afoot it didn’t appeal to me as much as the rest of the series. However, the whole world building and character developments where necessary in order to fully appreciate the whole epic story of the Tairen Soul books.

What I like about this book is that Rain and Ellysetta don’t automatically fall in love the first time they looked into each other’s eyes and this is quite tricky as they are truemates destined for each other. Instead their love develops over time (during this book); with them getting to know each other, their acceptance of each other and both of them doing some serious growing up.

While there is a thousand year age difference between Rain and Ellysetta it was rendered quite interesting. Because Rain scorched the earth over a thousand years ago he has since been ridden by the guilt of the lives he destroyed and the loss of his first love and has subsequently hidden himself in a sort of self-imposed exile from the world. To move past his overpowering torment he has just as much of growing up to do as Ellysetta. Rain has to learn how to face the stain on his soul from the lives that he took and come to an acceptance of what he’s done, so it does not cripple him anymore, in order for him to become the defender of the fey. Ellysetta, is a young woodcutter’s daughter, has to learn how to trust Rain, come to terms with her own darkness and has a lot of growing up to do in order for her to become the fey queen. Both of the characters are not without flaws and they both have a long way to go to become who they’re supposed to be, which is why they fit perfectly together.

The world building in these books is amazing, the main characters have real depth and they grow a lot in the course of the five books, the supporting characters are equally interesting with their own stories to tell and the romance between the hero and heroine is believable and progresses as the story does. C.L. Wilson created an epic tale of love, of a fight between Good and Evil, of honor and of redemption.