Assassin fail!

[Throne of Glass [ THRONE OF GLASS ] By Maas, Sarah J ( Author )Aug-07-2012 Hardcover - Sarah J Maas


This was such a disappointing read. I really wanted to like it. It started out great, a kick-ass assassin, the most feared in the entire kingdom, is imprisoned in the harsh salt mines. She is offered a deal, become the new champion for the king in exchange for her freedom from the salt mines. In order to become the new champion however she must compete in a tournament and defeat the other candidates.



Now bearing in mind, that Celaena is the most-feared assassin in the kingdom and has escaped her certain death in the salt mines I just expected more...

I expected a tough, unapologetic, strong heroine who doesn’t give a flying shit about trivial things such as her looks, her clothes and whether or not Prince Dorian and Captain Chaol like her when her very own survival depends on her being a super tough assassin!

How did she become the most-feared assassin in the kingdom when she only thinks about playing Cinderella and attending a ball all dressed up like a fucking princess?


This tough assassin doesn’t have anything better to worry about other than how she looks, getting all dressed up, and how fucking unfair it is that she wasn’t invited to a fucking ball!

He [Dorian] groaned. “Nothing all that special. Just a masked ball that happens to be on Yulemas. And I think you know exactly why you can’t come.”

A masked ball on Yulemas! Even if it was the most corrupt and ostentatious court in Erilea, it sounded dreadfully romantic. And of course, she wasn’t allowed to go.

Slow clap for our tough assassin with her priorities straight!


But don't worry, after she wins the tournament she can go to ALL the balls she wants!!!

“When you’re my father’s Champion, you can attend all the balls you want.”

Thank God! For a moment there I was truly worried she would never actually be invited to a ball!

While the story could have been great, the plot was exciting and the world interesting, the herroine just plain annoyed me too much. She should have been worrying about surviving the tournament, avoiding being sent back to the salt mines and just being a super tough, kick-ass assassin!