Nope, DNF

Fever - Maya Banks

Yes, I gave the second book in this series a try as well.

After one night together, Jace becomes so obsessed with Bethany that he tracks her down, takes her from off the streets and provides her with a brand new, every-aspect-is-controlled-by-me life. That’s how far I got.

Bethany, being a homeless 24 year old who has been living on the streets for four years has truly impressive survival skills, naturally as someone who has been living on the streets for years she knows of the dangers of strangers and human trafficking and such. Her survival skills are sooo impressive in fact, that she just allows the stranger she spent ONE night with to take her away to a better life. With absolutely no sense of self preservation and a blind naïve trust, it doesn't matter that he is so obsessed with her that he tracked her down after ONE night together or that he wants to controll her every waking moment. How the hell did she survive on the streets for so long?


 But on top of all, that a women’s shelter would just let a man, they know nothing about except that he has money and gave them some food and clothing, know the woman he has been looking for just arrived! Seriously???

Well, Jace shows up at the women's shelter all knight in shining fucking armor and takes her away from the place and nobody says anything! But it’s okay, he could never turn out to be some kind of homicidal maniac because he’s rich and good-looking…


The whole absurdness was such a turnoff. Bethany is nothing more than a doormat who happily surrenders her whole self when obsessive, controlling and dominating Jace shows up – a stranger by the way - who tells her he will control every aspect of her existence.