The Asshole and the Spineless

Rush (Breathless, #1) - Maya Banks

This book really disappointed me since I’ve like Maya Banks in the past.


I have my biggest issue with Mia. She is a young woman who just finished college and does not know what to do with her degree or with her life. Now instead of trying to find herself, of making a place for herself in this world and of defining who she is… Things, I think are really important for young people who just finished college and are in the “real” world for the first time. She instead is happy to become the person Gabe wants her to be – or rather his sex toy. He gives her a superfluous job – her first real job – because he wants to keep her in fucking distance to him all the time.

“The purpose of your working for me is so you’d be at my side at all times. And I’d have you when I want and how I want.”

And he actually justifies this by saying that this way she will get a good start into the business world and she is otherwise wasting her potential!


Now Gabe is a successful businessman into his thirties, but he still talks like a college student. The reason he doesn’t want to let anyone close to him is because he had ONE bad relationship. He is a controlling, rude, dominating, arrogant and cruel bastard, who humiliates Mia and treats her like a whore.


So instead of making a place for herself in the world and defining who she really is, Mia prefers to become Gabe’s sex toy and is in turn treated by him as such. Instead of finding her first real job she prefers to "work" for Gabe and walk around with a but plug.


“There was a difference between submissive and spineless.”

Well, spineless just about sums up Mia’s character.