What Happens in London

What Happens in London - Julia Quinn I found the plot and romance too ridiculous, I like JQ's funny, fluffy stories and romance, but here it just didn't work for me. How the heroine spies on her neighbor because she thinks he killed his fiancé – because if a major gossip says so it must be true! And then said neighbor spies on her because he thinks she is a Russian spya. *sigh*

It was just too ridiculous for me, I mean I get it, they didn’t have Netflix back then, so if Olivia is so bored out of her mind that she thinks standing at her window spying on her neighbor is an exciting past-time, I can kinda understand. But the whole plot, their meeting, and their constantly talking to each other through their windows was too ludicrous.

So if you’re looking for a funny-to-the-point-of-too-much story with an adorkable heroine and filled with cutesy moments, you’ll probably enjoy What Happens in London.

2.5 stars