The Child Prince

The Child Prince - Honor Raconteur
From her wand, ice rushed out in a lightning-quick stream, gushing outwards and coating the whole room in seconds. The air misted white as it abruptly cooled, spraying a fine, cold mist in every direction.

What had been chaos only moments before became a frozen land of blue-white ice. It looked like a cursed ice sculpture with figures in demented and strange poses, mouths agape and eyes wide in panic.

Putting a (admittedly fake) hand to her forehead, she said, “Phew! That was scary.”

Sevana Warren is a Artifactor prodigy, as a bit of a social recluse she prefers not to deal with other people too much, apart from her best friend Kip, her pet mountain lion Baby, and the sentient mountain Big she lives in, she’d much rather focus on her inventions. As an Artifactor, basically magical inventors who use math and physics to create magical instruments and artifacts for magicians and normal people to use, she is a prodigy in her field.

Her friend Kip talks her into trying to break the curse that has been placed on the realm’s prince, who can’t age and is stuck as a child, hence he has been known as the Child Prince. Since she loves a good challenge – and hates paperwork and would love an eternal Artifactor’s license – she agrees to help the prince; her way, which means kidnapping him.

This woman didn’t want money or fame. She wanted peace. That she would go out of her way to help him just to avoid yearly paperwork…he shook his head in bafflement. It still didn’t make sense to him.

Sevana is an interesting character; she loves her work, doesn’t like interruptions, is fed up with the paperwork, and sees kidnapping a prince as a minor obstacle hardly worth notice. I thought she was hilarious, and the constant back and forth between her and her friend Kip was very entertaining.

“If you ever hear Sev hum it, leave. It’s a danger signal with her. She hums it when she’s contemplating something disastrous and evil.

Don’t say anything to her and for the love of the gods, don’t try to stop her. Just find somewhere else to be as quickly as you can. And if, heaven forbid, she starts actually singing the lyrics, run.

Almost as an afterthought, Kip added, “ And if she does accidentally kill you, she’ll revive you almost immediately.”

The Prince Bellomi is very interesting character as well, since he grows up during this story; his development from child to teenager to adult is very entertaining and makes for some interesting character development.

Bellomi eyed the mud again. The princes in fairytales got to do something heroic like slaying a dragon or capturing an ogre, curse it. Of course, they also got fairy godmothers while he was stuck with…he stole a glance at his cranky Artifactor and heaved a resigned sigh.

The world is a generic, magical fantasy world with Artifactors, sorcerers, elves, dragons, and the usual fun fantasy stuff.

This book is a light, fun fantasy adventure with hardly any romance, which I really enjoyed since it was like a breath of fresh air. This book is different from the usual rather dark, dangerous fantasy books, and nice for a change, I am not saying this is my new favorite fantasy book; it is more of a light, funny in-between read. While The Child Prince is not a children’s book, it does have some of those elements, I’d call it a YA book even without the romance aspect that is standard for YA nowadays.

If you’re in the mood for something fun and light with interesting characters and practically no romance, then I’d definitely recommend this book. If you’re looking for the usual gritty, dark fantasy story then this book isn’t for you.