Dark Magic (Carpathians, #4)

Dark Magic (Carpathians, #4) - Christine Feehan Are you looking for a story about a young woman who above all else wants to be free, to choose her own destiny, to live the life of her dreams, and to fall in love with a sweet, kind, handsome man who loves her for who she is?

Well, then continue looking, because you have come to the wrong page.

Savannah is the daughter of the two main characters in the first book in this series, and true to Carpathian fashion she has a lifemate waiting out there for her (spoiler, it’s Gregori, who has been introduced in the previous books already). A lifemate, over whom she has no choice whatsoever, has no choice but to be bound to forever…

Unless she follows her own dreams of course.

But those dreams are short-lived, as her previously mentioned lifemate tracks her down and informs her, that he is through waiting for her, and will have her now, as she is his mate and therefore his to do with as he pleases, and will she quit being selfish already? Since his needs are all-important and must be placed above her desire for freedom and free choice (silly woman wants autonomy *pats her head condescendingly*).

Have I mentioned that her predestined lifemate is actually her father's best friend? No? Yeah, it’s fucking messed up… He apparently knew that she was “his” since she was just a fetus...
Imagine that messed up childhood:

Ever dreamed growing up of marrying your father’s friend? No? Yuck, me neither!!!
The age difference alone… Gross! But this is seriously the background of this story…

And her father seriously hosted some kind of lifemate-matching-event, when she wasn't even of legal drinking age, to match her up with her future mate (because individuality and free choice in a woman are undesired and must be crushed at the earliest possible moment in true Carpathian fashion!).

Well, back to the storyline, Savannah goes on to (try) to fulfill her dreams, until her father's old ancient friend comes for her, because she is his and thus must submit to his will, because she belongs to him. He goes on to practically - no he actually rapes her, she doesn't really want to be with him, he forces himself on her, telling her that this is destiny, and disregards any objections she has (silly woman doesn't she know that he needs this to survive?).

Because, as Gregori sees it, her dream of living her own life and choosing who she wants to spend the rest of her life with is preposterous, better to just take her (damn any token resistance she makes, they are meaningless anyway, for she is your lifemate and therefore it is your right to fuck her even when she clearly is not as involved in it as you are).

That is the whole plot of the book…. If you want to read another book about a controlling, possessive, condescending, abusive and in general borderline psychopathic male mc and a weak, defenseless, passive, spineless, virgin female mc; then this is your book.

I honestly don’t know how I read so many books in this series, maybe I should start worrying…