Lord of the Fading Lands

Lord of the Fading Lands  - C.L. Wilson This is the first of the five books in the Tairen Soul series. It's a romance story in a fantasy setting.
Because the first book is about Ellysetta learning how to become a queen and being courted by an older fey king while there is a growing evil afoot, it didn’t appeal to me as much.

The first book is mainly focused on Ellysetta and Rain getting to know each other and figuring their relationship out while introducing the reader to the world and its background.

There is of course insta-love:
There is a thousand year age difference between Rain and Ellysetta. Because Rain scorched the earth over a thousand years ago he has since been ridden by the guilt of the lives he destroyed and the loss of his first love and has subsequently hidden himself in a sort of self-imposed exile from the world.

Because a dark and tormented older love interest never gets repetitive.

Ellysetta, is a young woodcutter’s daughter which sets her up to become the ultimate Mary Sue. She comes from a poor background and bamm, becomes the most powerful, speshulest little snowlake and a fey queen by the end of the books, without actually having to work for it.

Maybe it's me, but I'm just bored to tears with stories about a dark, brooding, tormented older hero who meets a speshul little snowflake who is a nobody and becomes super powerful etc. without having to do anything for it, all with insta-love.