The Winter King

The Winter King - C.L. Wilson Let me start off by staying that I loved her Tairen Soul series. I guess my expectations were just too high, so I was a tad disappointed. The book is wonderfully written, set in a fantastical very nicely build fantasy world with interesting characters.

I knew their romance would start through an arranged marriage, but what I didn’t like was the instant lust and instant love. Yes, Khamsin and Wynter were drugged with some kind of aphrodisiac on their first night together and it made kind of sense for the story, but it just felt like a way out so they could have wild sex even though Khamsin was wounded. Then Wynter acts out of character because of his feelings for Khamsin, even though he has not had time to really get to know her and develop deep feelings for her.

Thankfully, after the instant love/lust/whatever was over with, I really enjoyed the book; the characters were well developed and their romance did move forward in a more believable pace.

So, all in all, I liked the book.
It is not a fantasy book with romance in it though; it is a romance book with fantasy in it, but for a romance novel it was a bit too long.