Point of No Return (The Kathleen Turner Series, #5)

Point of No Return (The Kathleen Turner Series, #5) - Tiffany Snow I could get through the last books by not over-analyzing and just turning my brain off. But this book made everything so glaringly obvious, I couldn’t ignore it anymore and I ended up hating the entire series.

I’m not even going to get into all the problems (this review would become too fucking long). The point where I just threw the book away was when one of the male mcs - Kade - shot the boyfriend of a friend of the female mc’s (Kathleen), so that they would tell him where she went! And this is totally downplayed. Later when Kathleen talks to her friend (whose boyfriend was shot by a psychopath), all she has to say is that she got married (to the psychopath who shot her friend’s boyfriend) and all is forgiven and her friend is actually excited for her and not worried about her safety.

Fuck this.