The Battle Sylph

The Battle Sylph  - L.J. McDonald The book started out quite interesting, the heroine Solie is kidnapped by the king's soldiers and is to be used as a sacrifice. Instead of letting the asshole prince kill her so that he can enslave a battle sylph - male sylphs who basically love ALL women and hate ALL men - to his service, she fights him and instead binds the battle sylph to her and naming him Heyou (the imaginative name shows her great mind at work). Okay beginning, but it just went downhill from there. Solie is taken away from this place of dark rituals by her new battle sylph, they're both naked, so of course there's instant lust. They are tracked down by one of the king's men who also has a battle sylph and there is a fight between them and after the smoke clears Heyou is nowhere to be seen, while Solie is rescued by some stranger called Devon.

Solie is a dumb, ignorant, childish, TSTL and weak girl and annoyed me so much, I just couldn't finish the book.
"Solie started to cry, not knowing what to do."
Hint: you get out of the fucking way.

This is in the middle of a battle between the two sylphs while the village around her is going up in flames, bodies lay scattered everywhere and she is about to be killed!


Well Devon shows up and thankfully saves her or she would have been killed, again. His motivations are unclear. And does she ever stop to wonder WHY exactly he's risking his life to safe her dumb ass? (my guesses are; he's a psychopathic maniac who will slowly torture and kill her, or he's unhappy about how the kingdom is run and wants to take a stand, or he's such a chivalrous, altruistic knight in shining fucking armor, or he's planning to sell her on a slave market)
No, of course not, Solie just blindly trusts the man she doesn’t know, entrusts her life entirely to him and just follows him a little dog.
"He [Devon] never complained or protested her slow pace, helping her whenever she needed it, and unlike Heyou, he didn't try to convince her to sleep with him."

What a gentleman. Such a man definetely couldn't have a hidden agenda! Perhaps his life’s goal is to save as many too-stupid-to-live damsels in distress as he can. Either way, Solie's just glad she has a man who takes care of her.

Solie is a stupid, naïve girl with absolutely no survival instincts and who blindly trusts the help of strangers. She can only depend on a man to take care of her as she is unable rely on herself!
"She didn't know how she would have made it without a man."

She wouldn't have made it – ever.

And with that poignant sentence, on page 96 and at 30%, I’m done with this shit, as I have no interest in reading anything more of Solie needing a big strong man to take care of her because she’s too-stupid-to-live.