The Professional

The Professional - Kresley Cole I loved her Immortals After Dark series, so I had high hopes going into this book. It was fucking horrible; I guess more things can be excused in paranormal romance or something.

Sevastyan was a raging, controlling alpha-asshole and Natalie kept saying that she was strong, independent and wouldn’t be just a belonging to him, but she never acts on it!
“If I’m not your partner in this, then I’m no better than a doll, a toy you bring out and store away whenever it suits you.” Like I’d done with my arsenal. “How do you think that makes me feel?” To him I was merely a belonging-which he’d told me.

And this is what bothered me the most: She fucking knows this, but never actively tries to change it. Sure she tried to run away once, but she let herself be manipulated right back to him. That isn’t being strong or independent; it’s taking the easier way out and running away from one’s problems. Because when she’s faced with actually fighting with him – and for her freedom no less – she just ends up submitting to him and letting him control her life without including her in any decisions. She excuses this as being ‘caught up by him’ or something, the power of lady boners I guess.

So no, this book can’t keep trying to tell me that she is strong, when she behaves like such a weak, fucking spineless person all the fucking time!