Star of the Morning

Star of the Morning  - Lynn Kurland I was so disappointed by this book. I really, really wanted to like it. In fact, I loved the beginning and was immediately drawn into the story. I think one of the problems was that I expected an epic high fantasy with a little romance thrown in. It’s really not.

Morgan was a strong, kick-ass heroine and I really liked her. She sets out on a quest with some companions. Everything was fucking fantastic until she met the love interest. But as soon as the love interest Miach was introduced, nothing fucking happened anymore that didn’t revolve around the two of them. It’s like everyone and everything else didn’t matter anymore, it was Morgan and Miach this, Morgan and Miach that. When one did something the other was always there!

The worldbuilding wasn’t well done, like I said, the beginning was okay, we learn about the world and some of its history - but it was only an introduction - so as soon as Morgan and Miach meet, nothing further is explained. It was like, who cares about worldbuilding anyway when you can have romance? If you’re an absolute fantasy fan like me, you’ll probably be disappointed by this book.