Carrie's Answer

Carrie's Answer  - Violet Summers What is it with these romance novels and major assholes? I'm so fucking sick and tired of it. Blackmail is blackmail, no matter how you put it, and in my book it is never okay to blackmail a woman into sleeping with you. It is sleazy and wrong.

So Markus is rich and handsome - because of course he is - and has the hots for his assistant, Carrie. After a messy divorce he has lost his trust in women and blah, blah, blah. When Carrie shows up at the BDSM club he frequents (not to be with him or anything), he freaks out, drags her out and acts like a major douchebag. So Carrie hands in her resignation, but Markus, being an asshole, threatens to hold her to her contract.
“She’s under contract and I politely reminded her of that little fact. I said the only way I would accept her resignation was if she spent the weekend with me so that I could teach her how to be a submissive.”
That's his "compromise":
“You spend the weekend with me and I’ll let you out of your contract.”
That is blackmail. Blackmail is never okay!
So. DNF on page 54.