Bayou Moon

Bayou Moon  - Ilona Andrews I’ve been putting off writing this review for a while now because I had a lot of problems with this book (both books actually). There’s a lot of misogyny and rape culture happening here.

I’m just going to point out the instances with the quotes from the book because I don’t have enough energy to go into a lot of detail. I’m just too fucking disappointed and the quotes are really enough.

- Rape culture.
“My mother was raped by a thoas,” Urow said. “Although the rest of the family seems to think otherwise.”
Cerise cleared her throat. “We don’t dispute the thoas part. We’re just a bit unsure about the rape.”
Urow leaned to him and wagged his eyebrows. William fought an urge to jump back.
My mother was a woman of loose morals.” Urow winked.
The woman said that she was raped, but her family doesn’t believe her because she likes to have sex? Are the two mutually exclusive? A woman who ‘has loose morals’ can’t be raped because she enjoys sex?!

- Slut shaming.
William mentions how he usually pays women for sex. Cerise automatically assumes that he means “it would be much easier for everyone if he could just pay her for her time” and is mad at him. So William apologizes with:
“Look, I didn’t mean to imply that you were a slut,” he told her.
So, all women who get paid for sex are automatically sluts? Or women who enjoy sex and live out their sexuality are all whores?!

- Rape apology.
“So far he’s behaving himself, but if you’re alone with him and you don’t have a blade, you don’t stand a chance. Don’t send him the wrong message and don’t get yourself raped.”
Don’t get yourself raped? So a rape victim could have avoided being raped by behaving a certain way?!

The second installment in this series is about Cerise Mar and William, who was introduced in the first book. Cerise’s parents are kidnapped and so now the responsibility for her family falls to Cerise. I enjoyed the second book more than the first, but I still had my problems with this book. The thing that really saddens me is that I would have loved these books, the story, the world building and the characters, had I been able to stop noticing all the rape culture in this book.

There were some inconsistencies in the book that bugged me as well. Like, in Vernand's medical journal, he wrote that “the human body possesses all of the means to heal itself”, however those means do not include the magical “microscopic algae that spurred regeneration” that he introduced into the human body to heal injuries. So no, the body does not possess “all means to heal itself”. Lazy story writing.

Another thing, in the first book Declan can enter the Broken and I understood it as only those strong enough could enter the Broken. In fact there was this example were a person from the Weird who wasn’t strong enough tried to enter the Broken and almost died. However Declan enters the Broken and he’s a strong magic user. Now in Bayou Moon we suddenly learn that only those who don’t have enough magic can enter the Broken and those that are too strong can not. How does this work exactly? I actually don't really care.

There were also some typos, like:
She cocked her to the side.

So really disappointing all in all. I had a hard time deciding on my rating as well, because while I liked the story in itself, there was too much wrong in here to make me like the book. 1.5 stars.