The Ugly Duchess

The Ugly Duchess  - Eloisa James I enjoyed the overall story but I felt it a bit hastily written. Certain parts of the book were rather hurriedly resolved, and I think that it could have been expanded on more and the main characters’ initial relationship should have been more in depth.

The story takes place over several years, which is usually pretty hard to write, because you have to fit a lot of character development into the book, so at times that made the story go along almost too fast and left things out. I didn't really get much of a feel of the characters' past and their relationship toward each other; sure we are told that they grew up together, but that leaves much up to interpretation, and just sprinkling random facts of their childhood in the storyline whenever they needed to underline their love for each other felt a bit weak.

I did have a major problem with James cheating on Theo and felt that she forgave him much too easily for it (I mean: "in justified anger you told me that you didn't consider us married anymore, so I ran away, and when my Dad died, I couldn't handle the guilt for leaving, so I slept with other women because I considered that part of my life over" is in my book really not a grown up reasoning).

3.5 stars