The Wicked Ways of a Duke

The Wicked Ways of a Duke - Laura Lee Guhrke Prudence is just getting by as a seamstress in London, so when the absent father she's never met leaves her a fortune with the condition that she need to marry to receive it, Prudence knows that she will only marry for love. Rhys de Winter, the Duke of St. Cyres, on the other hand needs to marry for money since he is flat broke, as Prudence is the richest heiress she fits the bill perfectly.

I couldn't really connect with either character, Rhys was such an ass for most of the book (until he unrealistically redeemed himself because this is a romance book) and it was so fucking obvious to anyone with half a brain that he was a manipulative fortune hunter.

getting Miss Abernathy to the altar was going to be easy. He settled back against the seat, smiling to himself. Like taking candy from a baby.

I didn’t like him and didn’t care enough about him to root for him or to care if he redeemed himself either. He’s the kind of person who blames everyone else for their problems, and who when they screw up, instead of putting the blame on themselves where it belongs, think the universe or whatever is against them.

How ironic that the times in his life when the truth had mattered the most, he hadn’t been believed

So you had a bitch of a mother, but the rest is on you! If you completely deceive a person and build a whole relationships on lies and deceits, they will not believe you anymore. That is not irony! That’s what happens if you lie to someone and betray them.

And Prudence, well, Prudence is like that sweet but dimwitted relation everyone has, you know who I‘m talking about. That person where you constantly think “Aww, sweetie, that’s not how life works” every time they open their mouths, that person who was probably dropped on their head a lot as a baby…Prudence is that person. She’s so fucking – unbelievably – naïve! The story wants us to believe that she’s survived on her own in London for over ten fucking years, that she has survived for 28 years without being murdered. How is it fucking possible for her to grow up with no fucking instincts and now idea how the world works?

I’m surprised you haven’t heard about me already. The news has been in all the papers, and I’m sure people have been talking about it

Yes sweetie, everyone has been fucking talking about you, you just inherited a fucking fortune and are one of the riches people in the world, chances are that he’s heard about it, especially since he is not a recluse, he is most likely LYING to you. *sigh*

So maybe the two deserve each other. But I just can’t care enough for the story, it took me a while to read this book because I was bored out of my fucking mind and just didn’t care how it ended.