Never Enough

Never Enough - Lauren Dane Imagine this scenario:

Your dying sister names the father of her child who you’ve raised for the past 13 years. Because you’re a good person you do the right thing and track down said father of your child to let him know that he has a son. Upon meeting this man, who seems calm and charming at first, and calmly and sensitively telling him about his son, he – out of the blue – freaks out and starts yelling at you:
“I don’t give in to blackmail. I’ve dealt with whores and gold diggers plenty of times. You played me wrong, baby. We could have burned things up between the sheets. I’d have tossed some money your way. A lot easier than this bullshit.”

What a keeper right?!

I for one would definitely want someone like that around my impressionable child. *rolls eyes*

Then, after his lawyers inform you that you are not to contact him in any way (because you’re obviously the crazy one), while he’s waiting for the DNA test result, he suddenly shows up at your door unannounced and while you insult him – deservingly so:
“You are an arse. A big-headed, too-good-looking-for-his-own-good dickhead.”

And while your talking, he's standing there, not listening, and thinking like a total creep:
Well now. This hot governess of a woman was all kinds of dirty underneath. She just threw the gloves off and sent a shiver through him. He took a step closer and found himself half inside her house. Muphy Oil Soap? He breathed in deep.

That is fucking unbelievably fucking creepy right?!!!!

He's standing there sniffing her while she's mad at him for treating her like crap!

So, while you rightly put him in his place, he’s there staring at you like some creepy psycho. And when you call him on it, and are in mid-sentence, he just assaults assaults you:
And his mouth was on hers, and her words morphed into a groan

What do you do?

a) Kick him out of the house, call the police, and not let him near your son
b) Stop him, and talk to him about how this is not okay.
c) Give in, let him bulldoze all over your life, and jump him at the first possible moment

Yeah, if you guessed c, you are sadly right.

But, because this is a romance book, and he is super hot and rich, this is okay and his assaulting her is not a reason to call the police, it’s su-uper hot and steamy.

Fuck! This is why I don’t read contemporary romance books anymore.

The rest of the book doesn’t get better, the male mc continues on his emotional roller-coaster of good and bad moods, while blaming her on his major trust issues – because she doesn’t share every single fucking detail of her life with him!

But it's totally okay, he's hot AND rich!