The Perfect Mistress

The Perfect Mistress - Victoria Alexander Fuck this shit! I'm done with this book.

I am not going to waste my time with a misogynistic, condescending asshole as the male mc. I have better things to do. Here are a few excerpts to give you a taste of how the book goes:

She says: "Because a woman is unable to take care of herself?"
He says: "Even to a capable woman of independent nature I don't think that can be debated"

And stuff like: "Women, my dear Lady Winterset, no matter how competent, are still merely women."
& "A woman needs a guiding hand as it were from a husband or father or brother or-"

Fucking asshole.

And the female mc's response is to 'be friends'. Now I realize that was the opinion at the time, but if I'm to like a HR I don't want the male mc spouting such bullshit, and if he does the female mc should definitely not react by becoming his friend when he makes those statements and falling in love.

The rest of the book was pretty boring, there was a ghost around which could have been interesting, but the fucking insta-love ruined even that - and in this case the insta-love is soo fucking unbelievable; she only knows him because he is stodgy and wants to destroy her great-grandmother's memoirs, while trying to buy them from her he spouts misogynistic crap all the time...

Then there is the mistakes, I don't know if it's only in the kindle version, but every fifth name or so was written like Winter-set, even in the middle of the page, which was horribly annoying.

All in all I would not recommend this book, unless you want to wade through mounds of bullshit, insta-love and bad spelling.

This is how pretty much every dialogue between them goes:
She says: "You don't like intelligent women, do you?"
He says: "I admit intelligence is not something I seek in a woman."

So she responds: "Hey, let's be friends."
And he commands: "All right, but you can't do that anymore, you need a firm, guiding, male hand!!"