Iced - Karen Marie Moning MAJOR RANT AHEAD.

What. The. Fuck. Was. That?!

Up until this book I didn't like Ryodan.

Now I fucking hate him!


Jericho fucking Barrons is on line. Actually he is the fucking line. A deep, awesome chasm of a line.

Rhyodan crosses that line too much.

-he manipulates Dani constantly and forces her to work for him

-he uses physical violence to keep her in line

-he uses people she cares about to threaten her and force her to do what he wants - making her friend Jo work in one of his subclubs Dani hates most, dressed as a little schoolgirl catering for pedophiles…wait…I get’s a metaphor for what Ryo wants of Dani. God! He even makes her wear that outfit once. This is so fucking wrong!

-Dani for all her posturing is in many ways way too young and naive. And he fucking exploits it, manipulates her and fucking keeps making innuendos about sex with a fourteen year old - and Dani just showing how young she really is doesn't even realize it. Because. She's. Fourteen.

-He takes her ONE fucking weapon she has against the fae away from her, her only defense when there are fae hunting for her. And actually fucking says that he likes her better this way; weak, defenseless, dependent on him for protection.

-He expects her to not question him and argue with him in public – because he is king of his underworld – so the fae he protects respect or fear him or shit, while it’s Dani who has to fight them and be strong. And when she doesn’t, he fucking beats her up publicly and humiliates her to enforce this.

-He never makes and concessions, or meets her halfway, it's always Dani who has to give something up, to bend.

-He knows that she can’t stand having people lock her in a cage, literally and figuratively, yet he constantly enforces his rules on her, knowing exactly she can’t follow them because she needs her freedom.

And I don't fucking care that Ryo is probably thousands of years old and comes from a time when girls were forced to marry and have babies at that age (a fact that he actually tells her). Because regardless of all that, Dani never had a childhood, and thus needs one all the more. Because all she wants is a place to belong and someone to love her. And he fucking exploits that.

This was such a major fucking disappointment. I loved the previous books so much, I enjoyed the general plot of this book and I really like Dani. But I fucking hate Ryodan!