Merry Christmas, Curious George

Merry Christmas, Curious George - Margret Rey, Cathy Hapka, H.A. Rey, Mary O'Keefe Young Yeah, I really have no excuse for this. It was an Amazon freebie. Don’t judge me.

Well, were to start. Missy is an engineer with no time for men and dating, and has never found a man intelligent enough to match her. All it takes is her being kidnapped and engaged (against her will) to an alien king. Simple. There isn’t much more to tell. She accepts her new situation far too quickly “wow, look, alien science stuff” and never really deals with the fact that she has no real choice in anything (including her marriage to an alien). There is absolutely no relationship progress, instead insta-love and kinda gross sex scenes.
He explodes inside filling me with his hot, alien seed. I feel it filling me beyond any capacity my merely human form has to contain. It flows out across us as I collapse on top of him.Can you say ‘yuck’.

Anyway the book’s over as abruptly as it began and her sister’s (who was also abducted) happiness is quickly fixed in the last minute by some random alien being pressured by his king into marrying her - good start for any relationship. And everyone is happy and everything is perfect. the end.

Really, I can’t say that I had any hopes for this book. I guess I asked for it.