Cruel Beauty

Cruel Beauty - Rosamund Hodge I went into this book with very high hopes. And it does have a very unique take on the Beauty and the Beast story that I immensely enjoyed. But I had my problems with the main character Nyx.

Going into the book I thought that Nyx was different from all the other typical YA heroines, what with her anger and hate, but she is just all over the place; she doesn’t know whom she loves, if she should hold on to her righteous quest or think for herself for a chance, whom she should betray. I thought she would be a strong, tough heroine, but she just lets herself get manipulated and does what people tell her to do. Her asshole father tells her to kill Ignifex, so she goes to kill Ignifex – but she doesn’t do it for him! No, she does it for her mother and the whole world – then her asshole sister tells her to kill Ignifex, so she goes to kill Ignifex – betraying Ignifex, instead of what she originally wanted to do. I got so tired of Nyx’s indecision and her not actually doing a damned thing for a large part of the book.

I wanted to forget. I wanted so much to think only of Ignifex, to make his house into my home. Most of all, I did not want to remember I was on a mission to avenge my mother and save my world.

Most of all, I wanted to forget my mission and lose myself in the embrace of the one person who had ever seen my heart and claimed to love me after.
I feel like I’ve seen this exact same line, repeated every single time, in every fucking married-to-the-enemy-while-on-a-mission themed book. I’m fucking sick of it.