Fixed on You

Fixed on You  - Laurelin Paige I DNF this book at 5%. The title – Fixed on You – and the first four words in the blurb – Stalking and restraining orders – should have warned me. Alayna Wither works as a bartender, one night she meets Hudson Pierce – at least that’s what I’m guessing, as I didn’t get far enough into the book to learn his name – while serving him a drink. Now he has creepy rapist written all over super hot alpha male hero? Obviously.

But that I desired him didn’t matter. The expression on his face said that he would have me whether I wanted or not, that it was inevitable as if it had already happened.
It scared the hell out of me. The hair on my skin stood up as witness to my fear.
God. Not. This. Again. It’s not romantic for the heroine to be literally afraid of the hero.
Nope. Now I get that in a romance book, you want to achieve a mix of fear and attraction to your hero and have him appear dangerous and sexy, blah, blah, blah. But there is a line. And if the heroine's thinking: wow this guy would totally rape me and I’m scared of him. Guess what? You’ve crossed the line from hot alpha male to creepy rapist. Congrats.
Unfortunately it just gets worse.

I scanned the dance floor hoping I could attract customers by glaring at the sea of faces. I needed drink orders. Otherwise, Suit might think I was avoiding him by hiding in my corner, which, of course, I was.All right, I call bullshit. I’ve worked at a bar before, and even on slow nights, there is always something to do. The more you get done during the night, the less you need to get done after closing. And besides, why the hell does she think that she needs to socialize with him anyway? She’s there to work after all. And besides, she just got done telling us how creepy he is and how she’s afraid of him. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with avoiding him.

And to top that off, before he leaves the bar, he calls her by her fucking full name – and she didn’t give it to him. Now it’s obvious that he’s going to be the new owner of the bar, because foreshadowing, and that’s how he knows it. But Alayna doesn't know that yet. He is the creepy guy who gives of rapist vibes, gave her an obscene tip, and then called her by her full name! She should be telling everyone at work and calling her friends and family to tell them about this creepy stalker, because then, when the police will find her mutilated body, they will at least have a lead on her murderer.

But does she tell anybody? No. of course not. If this were a horror movie, she would be the blond girl with big boobs that gets killed first. And why does she not tell anybody you ask?

She’d freak if I told her some random guy knew my name, assume that my safety was at risk.Well, you should freak as well. And assume your safety was at risk. And stay at somebody's place for a couple of nights.

I, on the other hand, had distinct empathy for people who had the need to gather more information than they should.Oh, you empathize with serial killers as long they stalk you first and find out all they can about you, so they can torture you better? That's good. Stalkers are really just missunderstood. Glad Alayna feels this way as well.

And I didn’t want a lecture on would-be stalkers. I knew all about stalking.So, because you know all about stalking, you can automatically tell that that creepy guy who's stalking you is not stalking you? Makes sense.

And I somehow doubt that she knows all about stalking, or she wouldn't feel emphathy for...wait a minute...I get it, she's a stalker as well. And they're both serial killers? And become lovers and mass murderers and...No? Damn. The hell with it.