Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up - Miranda Baker An enjoyable, although a short, read. It takes on a bit of a different take on the BDSM theme than other books out there. Destiny is a Domme and agrees to sub for Johnny, the club owner, for a night. She is shocked when she discovers how much she actually enjoys to bottom for him and learns a lot about herself in the process.

Like I said, the book is fairly short, the characters both have their own background stories, which could have been delved into much deeper, had this been a full length book. Both Destiny and Johnny do grow throughout the story though, and are as characters well formed.

Johnny did tend to annoy me though. Because his high school girlfriend had acted like a reckless teenager - and not listened to him him! - and died in the process, he since has "liked his girls obedient and always had, ever since his girlfriend's reckless defiance had gotten her killed." Note, that it was her defiance of him, and not her just doing something dumb (that kids do tend to do), that had gotten her killed. Also, this seems something that would better have been better dealt with with therapy than with BDSM …

The other thing that bothered me was this little passage:
The sight of him [Johnny] on his knees was ridiculous, almost offensive.

Why is it so offensive for her? In the beginning of the book she fantasized about this exact thing. So why is it so "ridiculous" for him to kneel in front of her now? My aversion to this sentence might also stem from the fact, that the almost exact same thing was said in FSoG (when Christian kneeled in front of Anna) and it already bothered me then as well, so I don't know, but it really annoyed me, that it would be considered "ridiculous” and "offensive" for Johnny to be on his knees in front of Destiny.

All in all I did like the story though, it was an enjoyable and a quick read.