Caller of Light

Caller of Light - T.J. Shaw


Dear God, this was painfully boring…

What was this fantasy book about?
What was the major plot?


I honestly can’t say, because the only think that happens is a yawn-inducing romance. There is nothing about awesome dragons or significant enemies of any kind of adventure. It all takes a backseat to the lots and lots of pointless angst over nothing, and the hero constantly mistrusting, mistreating and resenting the heroine because ONE person (the ‘mean and jealous bitch’) made one snide accusation about the heroine. And that extremely easily manipulative man is the king of a country by the way!

Seriously, I made it halfway through the book and still nothing really plot wise significant happened!

The characters fell utterly flat; a delicate and virginal heroine who is a speshul little snowflake with powers no one else has and who is a much, much better person than every other woman and an asshole-ish hero who treats the heroine like shit throughout most of the book. Oh, and there is insta-love.
1.5 stars. DNF.