His Wicked Games

His Wicked Games - Ember Casey Meh.

Lily Frazer breaks into Calder Cunningham's mansion in order make him give her a donation for her art center. Because that is definitely how you prove that you’re reliable and an appropriate person to handle large donations and deal with children on a daily basis, but whatever. Calder’s deceased father promised the arts center a big donation every year, and even though Calder was clear that he would not uphold it, Lily gets into her head that she can change his mind. Seriously, just because someone's rich, does not mean that you or anyone else is entitled to their money. And this happens throughout the book, Lilly sees something expensive and thinks; how many classes would that finance, it reads like a book trying to guilt rich people. But Lily is desperate, so she plans on changing his mind anyway, regardless of the consequences. How? Why by playing children's games of course.

The whole point of the story is that she is trapped in his house because the bad weather has flooded the only bridge out of there. I have a hard time believing that in such an expensive neighborhood (he is a billionaire after all), someone wouldn't have made sure that the road was passable even through storms, but whatever. Good that this was an Amazon freebie, 1.5 stars.