Club Prive (Book 1)

Club Prive (Book 1) - M. S. Parker DNF at page 52. There are some things, that I am so fucking tired of hearing and/or reading about. Not only did this book practically start out with the heroine thinking: Not only was it not suited for me as a woman to call up a man and ask for a date, I mean seriously, it's not fucking suited for a woman to make the first move? Fuck this shit. But then, not much further into the book, the heroine gets hit on in a club, and after repeatedly telling him to back off and that she's not interested, the hero shows up to rescue her by telling the jerk that he's her boyfriend.

“What were you thinking, putting your hand on my leg? I don’t know you.”

„Come on, baby.“ He stood, reaching out as if he were going to touch me again. “It’s no big deal. Let’s say you and I go someplace and I can help you clean up.”

I could feel my hand curling into a fist. If he touched me again, I was going to punch him, consequences be damned.

“There you are, babe.”

I mean seriously, get real, he's not going to respect your right to say no. You're a woman and therefore available for the attentions of men. You're only unavailable if you already belong to another man. Silly you, thinking your right to say no is more valid than already being someone's girlfriend (by the way, he isn't even her boyfriend; they met twice and had lunch once).


“Boyfriend?” The drunk echoed my thought. “I’m sorry I didn’t know.”

I snapped my mouth shut and tore my eyes away from Gavin to look back at the man who’d been hitting on me. He, too, was staring at Gavin, but the look on his face was one of contrition rather than awe.

He continued to stammer, this time directing his statements to me. “I’m so sorry, miss. I had no idea he was your boyfriend. Let me pay for the dress.”

I am just so fucking sick and tired of this shit. Especially to see this kind of behavior reinforced in romance books, because after the heroine stated that she was handling the situation just fine, the hero's response was just to:
Gavin raised an eyebrow, but didn't respond to my statement.