Hunted - Evangeline Anderson After reading the first book I decided to try the second one a try, mainly because I wanted to read some smut while turning my brain off for a while. And because VAMPIRE ALIENS!

As the second book didn’t have any of the things that so annoyed me in the first, I thought what the hell. I was wrong. The only positive thing was that the whole kind-of-forced-contract-that-dictates-what-he-can-do-to-you wasn’t in this one.
But while Olivia was mildly annoying in the first book, Sophia was such an unlikable character; she was stupid and shallow and another one of those innocent helpless TSTL heroine.
Sylvain was all right as the hero, but his vow of celibacy got old very quick, since everyone knows that they eventually get together. But again, vampire alien, so he is forgiven.

I liked the premise for the next books with the Scourge though and am intrigued with the potential story of Kate. 2 stars only because of vampire aliens.