The Sweetest Seduction

The Sweetest Seduction - Crista McHugh Fine all in all. Some minor major things bothered be though:

"[...]get Lia a shot of grappa."
Lia took the glass and downed the bitter liquor in a single gulp.

Dear author. Please make note of a very important thing about drinking grappa. You don't drink grappa as shots. Ever.
You don't drink it in shot glasses and you don't do grappa shots. Ever... (there are grappa glasses and it is supposed to be enjoyed)
I'm sorry, but that just really, really bothered me. It's a waste of a good drink and I absolutely won't believe that someone who has spent time in Italy would commit such a deadly sin of grappa drinking.

Another thing that bothered me:
Adam pulled out a pen and jotted down the opera idea. At least Lia would be able to understand the lyrics, unlike some of his previous dates.
So because Lia speaks Italian she automatically understands every opera? First, not every opera is in Italian. Second, it's difficult to understand the lyrics in operas even if you speak the language (and Italian is not Lia's native language). I for one have a hard time understanding operas even in my native language.

So, small details in the whole, but its such smalls things that make the whole story fall flat for me and make it unrealistic.