The Palace Job

The Palace Job - Patrick Weekes In this totally awesome, badassery story, Ocean’s Eleven goes fantasy, in with an adventure heist job.

The mc, Loch, seeks revenge against the man who betrayed her and stole from her family. To do so she must break out of prison, put together a totally cool, misfit band of rogues, break into the very well protected city of the Republic, and steal from the most powerful man in the Republic, all while evading the soldiers sent out to recapture her.

So, the story start of when Loch is in the Republic’s high security prison.
The prisoners of the Republic lived beneath the great city of Heaven’s Spire, scouring the lapiscaela whose magic kept the city aloft. For terrible crimes, each man and woman served a life sentence, clinging to the pipes with only a mile of empty air beneath them. There was no chance of release, not hope of escape.

Loch and her loyal companion break out of prison and put together an awesome bad of misfits, each with their own special set of skills. With meticulously planning, they put together a plan and set out on the heist job.
“We’re going to sneak up to Heaven’s Spire, break into an Archvoyant’s palace, and steal back something he stole from my family, something expensive enough for us all to retire on.”

So, she puts together an awesome team, including a unicorn with an obsession for virgins, a death priestess, and a sentient, talking warhammer,

Apart from the exciting plot, heist job, and magical fantasy world, there is a lot of fun, with lots of humor in it as well.
“Kail, you will not give him alcohol. Do I make myself clear?” Her head darkened perceptibly.
“You just had to play the death priestess card.” Kail grunted. “Fine. Virgin for the kid.”
“Virgin,” said Ululenia, smiling dreamily, her horn shining brightly on her pale forehead.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who are looking for a fun fantasy book.