Once Burned: A Night Prince Novel

Once Burned: A Night Prince Novel - Jeaniene Frost I was expecting a bit more, Vlad was an awesome character from the Night Huntress, a PR series that I really like. I almost felt a little let down...

Vlad turns into some insta-love sap who falls in love with a human because of reasons...

Is it just me, or did everyone expect a little more from Vlad the Impaler?

It's like, you're expecting this Dracula:

And instead, you get this one:

And by this I mean a caricature of the "real" Dracula, who instantly upon meeting a (boring) human falls head-over-heels in love with her (even if he doesn't admit it).

And instead of becoming some totally awesome, kick-ass partners, killing-machine dream team (like Bones and Cat), Vlad constantly tries to make Leila stay at home, barefooted waiting for him in the kitchen (and she does), while he goes out fighting his enemies and burning people and shit...

Now Leila was not necessarily a bad character, I found her interesting and she could have been great, but I wanted a cooler, more kick-ass love interest for Vlad; someone who would actually be an equal partner in the relationship, and not an eternal damsel in distress, with her own powerful abilities, enemies, and a backstory - someone a bit like:

I mean, I feel like we missed out on a much cooler story, where Vlad and a-totally-awesome-tough-as-nails-vampire-assassin pair up - as equals - and become the most feared couple in the world etc. etc.