The Immortal Prince

The Immortal Prince  - Jennifer Fallon
That was the trouble with hiding for a thousand years. People forgot about you. Or they twisted your story around so much they turned you into a myth; they scorned your very existence until you began to wonder if you were real, or just a figment of your own imagination.
In this fantastical world, Jennifer Fallon blends fantasy, magic, romance and politics together to form a wonderful and fantastical story. With great characterization this story really comes to life. It's the first book in the series and there is not much adventure in itself or even epic fantasy in this book, the exception being Cayal the Immortal Prince's stories. The main focus of this first book is on introducing the reader to this world and to the history of the Tide Lords, which Cayal narrates as the story progresses to Arkady, the Duchess of Lebec who is tasked with proving Cayal as a spy of a rival country.
The reader is introduced to the politics that govern this world, their history and their belief system, the social dynamics that make up this world and of course their legends of the Tide Lords. It does however lead up to an amazing setting for the rest of the books.

Cayal the Immortal Prince is weary of his immortality and seeks a way to die, or at least to lose his memories. He plans to get himself beheaded, but is hanged instead - which he survives.
Only an optimist would think it possible for an immortal to find a way to die.

The twist of an immortal, who wants nothing more than to be mortal, is rather original and an interesting perspective. There is also a great deal of romance between Cayal and Arkady, whose stubborn belief that the immortal Tide Lords are nothing but a legend, gets rather annoying after a while. Another interesting story arc is that of the crasii, a magically blended race of human and animal, which were created by the Tide Lords specifically to be their slaves.

All in all I enjoyed this book, even if it was at times a little slow, and I will definitely be reading the second book that has an amazing premise:

In this world the Tide Lords, with their immortality and god-like powers, have been written off as nothing but a legend, as they have been in hiding during the "low tide" during which they are powerless. This however, is about to change as the tide changes.
“We’re not the ignorant fools our forefathers were, just waiting for the immortals to come along and show us the way. They’ve been gone a very long time. We’re smarter now, more capable of defending ourselves against them.”