A Night to Surrender

A Night to Surrender  - Tessa Dare Spindle Cove is where ladies come to escape the ton a bit, and to pursue their own, unconventional interests. Susanna has founded this retreat and protects it with all of her might. Victor Bramwell, is instructed to form a militia in this remote seaside town. A battle wounded man, he wants only to return to the battle front, but in order to do so, he must train the local militia to prove his fitness to return to battle. Susanna is not about to have the militia and Victor, the new Earl of Rycliff, endanger her idyllic retreat.

The story of Susanna and Victor is adorable and near perfect. I loved that the characters fit so perfectly together, they both have depth and a good backstory. Their romance develops at a steady pace and is relatable and well done. The supporting characters each have their own stories as well and don't fall flat.

I love that Victor is not some mindless, chest-thumping, domineering caveman, and doesn't force and manipulate Susanna through the entire story (as is found in many other books in this genre). Susanna is a strong and tough heroine, a welcome deviation from the usual HR heroines, and is not about to let herself be bullied into submission by Victor.

So if you’re looking for a believable romance, between a strong heroine and a wounded hero, awesome supporting characters, and cute story, read A Night to Remember.