Loki's Daughters

Loki's Daughters - Delle Jacobs
Vikings who were not Vikings, but men who wanted only the good life of the good earth. Fierce Celtic women, Loki’s daughters, who would have made any man proud to lead them, but, who despised men who were not of their kind.

The Celtic women, having had suffered through multiple raids by Vikings (not this group), don’t trust the group of Vikings who arrive on their land, looking for a place to settle down. The story’s main romance is centered on Arienh and Ronan, the main characters, and Birgit and Egil, as well as other side stories.

I enjoyed this story about Vikings and Celts learning how to live with each other and getting to know each other. I really liked that the two groups had time to develop their relationships, to build up trust, and to form a deep bond.