The Game Plan: A Neighbor from Hell - R.L. Mathewson



I enjoyed the previous books in this series; they were funny, light and quick reads. This one however…No. Just. Fucking. No. It pushed all the wrong buttons. I just skimmed the last couple of chapters, there was so much fucking drama, and I just didn’t care enough about the characters to give a damn. So disappointed in this book.




The story is about Jodi and Danny, like the previous books, they’re neighbors and don’t start out liking each other much. Unlike the other books, this one made no sense to me. Not only did I not see any chemistry between the two, but their relationship was fucking messed up. But because the book says that they had chemistry and a healthy romance this automatically makes it so. Just kidding. He actually breaks into her apartment and steals her keys in order to have the first two ‘dates’ with her.

This book seriously lacks editing; the writing is awful, there are typos and a lot of awkward sentences like this one:

Today they’d seen him finally react to their father and gave him the beating that even he had to admit that his father had coming, and they’d reacted.

Let me fix that for you: Today they’d seen him finally react to their father and give him the…

Nicknames are another thing. They can be cute or they can be fucking annoying. For me, if I see a reason for it, I’m okay with it…. However I have no idea why Danny calls Jody Tinkerbelle. It started from the beginning on with no explanation. Personally, I think Tinkerbelle is a fucking horrible nickname, but whatever. I would have been fine with it, except that he not only calls her Tinkerbelle when he’s talking to her, but also when he is talking about her to other people.

Some fucked up shit happens in this book that does not portray a healthy, consensual relationship.

“It’s not my fault that your boss said yes,” Danny pointed out as he glanced around the hotel lobby, looking bored.
“Wasn’t your fault?’ she repeated back in disbelief, absolutely stunned. “You accidentally,” she stressed, throwing up her hands to make finger quotes, “locked him in the storage closet when you gave him the tour of the new library, for seven hours until he agreed to give me time off with pay!”

He fucking involves himself in her job, without her knowledge or her consent, threatens her boss and endangers her job in the process. This is a huge violation! But this book portrays it as some quirk Danny has and tries to tell me that it is amusing. And not some controlling, manipulative asshole bent on getting what he wants regardless of the consequences to her.

And then, towards the end of the book he actually quits her job for her!

When Danny had come to get her a month ago, he’d sighed heavily and quit for her.

Not only that, but even though she says that she doesn’t want to get married, he disregards der wishes her and plans on getting what he fucking wants.

“You don’t want to get married?” he asked casually, waiting for her answer and the confirmation that he needed as he quickly formatted a new game plan, one that would end with him getting exactly what he wanted.

Because who cares what she wants anyway?

The woman didn’t seem to know what was good for her.

The fuck! Even if she didn’t, he should fucking respect her decision! Again, in the book it is portrayed as funny. But they have not known each other for long, and he plans to abduct her to Vegas to marry her even though she told him that she didn’t want to! It is not romantic or cute; it is the start of a very controlling, manipulative relationship focused on him and his wishes!

“No, I’m sorry. I’m just not interested in getting married,” she said softly as if that would somehow make it easier for him to accept.
It didn’t, but it did make his decision to follow through with his new game plan easier. There was a real possibility that she would never speak to him again after this…
What the hell, it would be worth it. She’d be his forever


There are so many inconsistencies in this book, it does not make any sense.
For instance, she tells him that she loves him, to which he answers that he doesn’t love her but wants to marry her. Then he’s surprised that she doesn’t want to marry him, even though he told her that he didn’t love her. When he figures out that he’s in love with her, he laments over the fact that she doesn’t love him back – even though she just told him that she loved him some pages ago!

This book is a serious fucked up mess.

the bastard snatched her bikini off and ditched her naked ass in the pool as he’d sauntered away

In a fucking hotel!