Claimed - Evangeline Anderson The story was well thought out and written and the characters had real depth and developed as the story progressed. However I had some issues with a few things in this book that just personally bothered me. I wish I could have just turned my brain off and enjoyed the story.

First, Olivia is tricked into signing a contract that outlines how and when Baird is allowed to touch her. But she didn't knowingly sign it and she definitely does not want to be there, so it felt like she was being forced into. Especially when Baird was constantly bringing up the fucking contract and telling that he now was allowed to touch her because of it.

The second thing was that all those women were taken as mates to the Kindred, and were forced to give up their entire life on earth! Now what do they do in their new life? Be a good wife, have lots of hot alien sex and pop out a couple of human/kindred babies. Nothing. Else.

Third, it was annoying how much Olivia kept saying that she was not attracted to Bair, even though EVERYONE knew that she fucking was. It served absolutely no purpose for her to deny it, and I don't understand why she would not just own it.

The book in itself was well written and the sex was pretty hot, but unfortunately I just couldn't enjoy this sci-fi smut. 1.5 stars.